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How do I know if my child needs OT?

Occupational therapists help children to reach their potential and overcome any difficulties they may experience throughout the course of their daily living. This can range from toileting and dressing independently, to social engagement and play, or academic-based skills such as handwriting and literacy.

You may feel your child needs additional support in their development, or your child’s school may suggest OT input to assist with navigating the playground or classroom. Your GP, paediatrician or other allied health professional such as a speech and language pathologist or psychologist may also suggest OT to assist with meeting your child’s goals.

Please contact Play to Learn OT for an obligation-free discussion of your child’s needs.

I think my child would benefit from OT… What next?

Parents can self-refer, so please contact us to make initial contact and discuss your child’s needs. Hayley will provide you with more information, and depending on the individual situation, book your child in for an assessment or an informal initial session (if you have recently been assessed by an occupational therapist elsewhere).

Following an initial assessment, a report will be generated and provided to you, and recommendations will include if follow up OT sessions may be beneficial for your child. If you choose to attend treatment sessions, Hayley will do her best to arrange a mutually agreeable timeslot and location for sessions.

You are NOT obligated to book in for a minimum number of sessions, however you may need to complete a realistic number of sessions before you see significant changes in your child’s goal areas. Home activities are given to practice between sessions and completion of these will strongly influence the rate of progress your child makes towards their goals.

Play to Learn OT encourages questions and feedback, so please contact us for further assistance.

About Hayley – Occupational Therapist & Director

Hayley graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2008. Since then, she has been lucky to work in a range of practice settings specializing in paediatrics, including community health, not-for-profit organizations, autism-specific services and private practice.

Hayley grew up in the greater southern suburbs of Brisbane, and it was early 2012 when she identified a lack of services in this area for families, and combined her passions for helping children and working in private practice to start Play to Learn OT.

Hayley enjoys learning and is committed to ongoing professional development in order to provide high-quality OT services to families. Hayley has a strong interest in Praxis and the DIR/Floortime approach. She works one day a week at a DIR/Floortime specific clinic to further her learning and development, and enjoys this immensely. Some of the courses Hayley has completed recently include:

  • Praxis Theory and Assessment, August 2012
  • SOS Approach to Feeding, August 2011
  • SPELD workshop on Dyslexia, August 2011
  • The Alert Program, August 2010
  • Therapeutic Listening: Listening With the Whole Body, July 2010, USA
  • DIR/Floortime Certificate ‘B’ (ICDL), July 2010, USA
  • Play as Therapy, February 2010
  • Genevieve Jereb – Getting Kids in Sync Online Course, November 2009
  • Three-day Introductory DIR/Floortime workshop, September 2009

Although initially a small organisation, Hayley has enjoyed watching Play to Learn OT grow and develop. If you are interested in seeing Play to Learn OT or working with us, please contact us.

Location, Location, Location

Play to Learn is pleased to offer a range of clinic, home or school based appointments. Work hours or other commitments don’t allow you to make it to our clinic for an appointment? No worries, we can come to you! Play to Learn OT is primarily a mobile business, so we treat children at home and school, where we can work with children in their natural environment.

Play to Learn OT services suburbs primarily South and West of Brisbane. Travel may incur an additional charge, depending on appointment time and location, so please contact Hayley directly to discuss your options and when Play to Learn OT might be in your neighbourhood. Every endeavour is made to see families in adjacent suburbs to reduce the travel fee.

Prefer to come to us? Visit our Contact Page to see our location.

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